Friday, February 11, 2011

It can happen to anyone of us.

I made a mistake today. Costly one.

It finally hit me how I've been taking things too lightly. At the risk of losing something that means so much to me. I cannot afford this. I've got way more than this to prove. Not to anyone but to myself. (Coz the rest of the world can go and die for all I care)

This is the one thing right now in my life that is going well. And that I simply cannot screw up. The rest of the things in my life, is already successfully screwed up and beyond repair. So this thing right here, my baby that's just beginning to grow, I'm gonna fix it while I can. It's neck isn't broken yet. Just maybe a hairline fracture in it's thumb. So I'm just gonna put a tiny cast, take good care of it till its healed and continue nurturing it till it grows into a healthy baby, a smart teenager, a wise adult and die a legend.


That's for sure.

ps: This is not a real baby so don't freak out. It's not even a human being so it was just a metaphor. Chill out! :)

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RJ said...

ok, I have to admin, this post caught my attention and lucky i read the last part of the post =)

Hope that things go well from now onwards..Wish ya all the best wif ur 'baby' =)